Spinal Care

Symptoms of Back  ( Lumbar )Pain May Include

  1. Ache, shooting or stabbing pain in your back and/or leg
  2. Weakness, pins and needles or numbness
  3. Limited flexibility or movement of your back
  4. Difficulty with activities such as walking or sitting
  5. Inability to stand or sit for long periods, drive  car, sit at desk, perform your job, play with your children etc.
  6. Inability to sleep at night

The Cause of Lumbar Pain

Human spine consists of 24 articulating vertebrae and and 9 fused vertebrae. 5 vertebrae form the lumbar section. 

Between two adjoining vertebrae there is a intervertebral discs, which acts as ligament to join the vertebrae together, while still allowing slight movement. When the pressure between the adjoining vertebrae increases, part of the intervertebral disc is squeezed and press the nearby nerve, thus the feeling of pain. 

The lumbar intervertebral discs are the most likely ones that suffer from excess pressure. The reasons can vary from injury to years of bad gesture. When these happens, the lumbar become sour, weaker and painful. 

As the nerve of the lumbar joins with that of the thigh, patients with lumbar pain always experience pain in the thigh as well.

Traditional Traction Therapy

Traction is a physical therapy in which the intervertebral space is stretched by external force. Today it is still widely applied as one of the conservative therapies. It can cure some types of lumbar vertebrae disease, e.g. the protrusion of lumbar intervertebral disc, the dysfunction of the facet joint of lumbar and the lumbar hyperosteogeny. 

Traction can bring a remarkable effectiveness to patients.

Traction can relieve the pressure on the intervertebral space and the ligaments that surrounds the  lumbar vertebra, and the injured parts of lumbar vertebra can get enough time to recover.

During the traction, the intervertebral space is extended and the negative pressure is formed in the intervertebral space, which can help the protrusions restore.

During the traction, the stress, stimulation and pain on the nerve from protrusions can be relieve.

Air Traction - Traction While You Are At Work

Traditional traction has, however, a fundamental limitation, that the patents must lie down during the therapy. When the patients sit, stand up or walk, the pressure on the problematic disc persists.

The Air Traction Belt creatively resolves this problem, by utilising specially designed vertical air chambers alongside the waist belt. When pumped, the width of the belt expand from 13cm to over 19cm, giving the upper body extra support from outside the body. 

When properly fitted, the lumbar vertebrae are drawn apart. Part of the upper body weight is born by the expanded belt, which transfer the pressure directly to the supporting hip bone.

Thus the users are no longer constrained to lying down for traction therapy. They can practically enjoy the benefit of traction therapy while they are in up-right position such as walking, sitting, driving or even light exercise. 

Air Traction  Belt

This is our most popular product. Made of ultra durable materials inside-out, making this lumbar belt your best aid for many years to come.

Strong yet very comfortable to wear, it's barely noticeable under your normal clothes, thanks to its ergonomic human engineering design. 

It comes with a redesigned foot pump, that can be operated by foot or by hand effortlessly. With built-in safety valve, you don't need to worry over pumping the air chambers. 

Every part of this product is made by our own ISO9001 standard manufacturer. Our strict quality standard ensures the belt can survive 3000 times fully inflation/deflation circles, each full inflation last for hours without leaking.


External: PU 
Internal: Cotton
Air Chamber: Soft TPU
Weight: 280g (Belt)

What's Included

An air traction belt, an extension, a foot pump and user's manual.

Our Air Traction Lumbar Belt comes in 6 sizes. To help you choose the right size for you, we prepare the following guide. Please refer to your own waist measurement. Don't worry if you gain an inch or so, because each belt comes with an extension. We get you covered




XS 26"-32" 66-80CM
S 32"-36" 80-90CM
M 36"-40" 90-100CM
L 40"-46" 100-115CM
XL 46"-52" 115-130CM
XXL 52"-58" 130-145CM

Please choose the right size for your comfort:

Price : $279 ( included GST )

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